The Mudds Are Settling In!

Colorado dawn, 2004.

Colorado is now home to the Mudds - everybody is settling in nicely and getting used to the spectacular skies. (This sunrise is from our bedroom window.) This winter we will be exploring the skiing - there are great slopes within 2 hours of home! Feel free to come and join us - there is plenty of room...

Patti & Loren Visit Relatives on Way to Colorado

What a summer for the Mudds! Patti was in D.C., Doug was in Colorado, and Loren was in New York. After three weeks alone, Patti drove to the Kirkup home to retrieve Loren. Loren and Patti then drove up to Maine to visit Loren's Grandparents. Unfortunately, they were unable to time the visit with Scott and Akiko - Loren's uncle and aunt. They then drove to Geneva for a visit with the Cameras (Ken, Andrea, Creighton, and Aiden). Loren really enjoyed visiting with her cousins and especially liked swimming in the Lake, despite the less-than perfect weather. From Geneva, Patti and Loren then drove on to Colorado. The highlight for Loren's summer was dance class in New York with Sarah.

Patti's Life of Leisure

As expected, the life of leisure is not for Patti. Although she enjoyed spending more time with Loren and having time for exercise, Patti was anxious to begin working again. So, after a few calls to some business contacts, Patti landed a contracting job with a company based in Boston. Patti will be traveling to Boston for a two-week training session in December, after which she will be working mostly from home. The new position will require some travel, which will be interesting... Patti wonders what the house will look like after she returns?

Loren Loves New School

It took Loren two whole days to find her first new friend at Divine Redeemer - since then she has had multiple sleepovers and play dates. Loren is in a mixed class of twenty-two second and third graders. Mom and Dad like the class because the instruction is individualized and Loren is being challenged in all her subject areas (and doing well!).

Loren has joined the Brownie Troop associated with her school and has already participated in a sleepover at the local Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Loren Resumes Soccer Career

Loren playing soccer, 2004.

Loren joined the Bobcats soccer team for the Fall 2004 season - she did very well and enjoyed herself immensely with her new-found friends and team-mates. In January, Loren will try her hands and height at basketball with the local YMCA.

Doug Finishes First Exhibit with A.N.A.!

Doug's new job has involved a lot more work with exhibits - and he loves it! His first complete exhibit for the A.N.A. is the recently opened Barter, Bits, and Dollars - the Money of Colonial America. The exhibit presented quite a challenge since it opened only 4 1/2 months after his arrival - with Summer Seminar, a monthly column, and two conferences in between! It has been a great experience so far, especially working with a great bunch of people...

Casa de Mudd in the snow.

Mudd's New Home

After several months in a small second-story apartment, the Mudds were very happy to move to their new home at 4613 Julliard Drive, Colorado Springs, 80918. Patti was surprised at all the services provided in the area - home delivery for milk and meat! Patti spent most of the first week meeting with contractors and unpacking. Now we are making the house a home...

Loren's foot.

Happy Holidays,

Loren, Doug and Patti

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