Hello everyone! It has been a busy two years since the last newsletter. We have a lot of news!

Loren’s Second Year of High School

Loren June, 2011

Loren is in her second year at Colorado Springs School. CSS is a small private school with a small student body. Loren is looking forward to participating in the school play in the spring and playing on the school soccer team.
WARNING! Loren now has her learner’s permit and is driving...

Mudd Family Holiday Travels

The Mudd family went to Long Island for Thanksgiving again this year. We had a great dinner at Grandpa Costello’s house and visited with family. We also spent a night in the city and went to see the play Mary Poppins.

Loren Becomes a Cross-Country Runner!

Loren Cross-Country, Fall 2011

Loren was convinced by her friends to run with the cross-country team - lo and behold, she liked it! She was 2nd in her region meet and got 14th place in the Colorado State meet - not bad for someone who never ran more than a mile before this year!

The Mudd’s in Disney World

We visited Disney World again - staying at the Beach House Resort. Ashley Lucas accompanied us once again and everyone had a good time - especially at Epcot and Main Street USA.

Loren Returns to Horseback Riding

Loren horseback riding May, 2011

Loren took horseback riding with her Aunt Rachel last summer. They both enjoyed the lessons and even began to learn how to jump.

Doug Skydives and Lives!

Doug and his two friends, Ricardo and Robin went skydiving in July of 2010 - what a blast! An amazing day - and no one got hurt...

Patti & Doug

Doug n Patti at Disney

Doug and Patti had a busy year, especially Patti with all the changes at Oracle. Doug and Loren were very happy that Patti was working mostly from home. However, Patti did have to participate in a lot of training in San Francisco, Atlanta and Houston. Doug traveled to Sacramento, Chicago and Pittsburgh this year for work. Patti and Doug also visited San Diego for a short vacation in April of 2010.


Loren's foot.

Happy Holidays,

Christmas stocking.

Loren, Doug and Patti

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