Hello from the Mudd Family! We are a bit late on our holiday newsletter so we want to wish everyone a happy New Years as well. We hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas and a happy Hanukkah.

Loren’s Senior Year of High School

Loren and  Rachel 2013

Loren is senior and is very excited about completing her High School years and heading off to College. She is as we write waiting for replies from some colleges and applying to others... Doug accompanied Loren for one set of college campus visits during Spring Break (William & Mary, St. Johns) while Patti and Loren went to a different set of colleges in October (Loyola, Bucknell and Lafayette among others.).

Mudd Family Holiday Travels

Loren and Patti visited Long Island in July while Doug continued to work at Summer Seminar... We got to attend Sarah’s graduation party meet up with brother Vinnie, Joanne, the kids and Patti’s mom, along with the usual Long Island Costellos. Everyone had fun...

Loren Rachel and Patti 2013

Fires and Flood

Fires from house looking east 2013

Fires and floods hit Colorado this year - luckily, Casa de Mudd was out of the path of the worst of it, though we did see some ashes. The picture is from in front of our house. Our thoughts go out to all of the people who have suffered losses in the Colorado Springs area...

Patti & Doug

Doug and Patti had a busy year at work, especially Patti with all the her travels - averaging three weeks out of every month away from Sunday through Thursday - primarily in Pittsburgh on a major project with Duquesne Power. Patti is currently on a tax break - which means that she cannot travel within 100 miles of Pittsburgh for 22 business days. The Duquesne project was supposed to be a 3 month engagement but Patti has been on this project for over a year.

Doug has a new position at the ANA. He is now the Director of the Money Museum. Doug has also traveled this year. The ANA sent Doug to Dalton, GA, New Orleans, Chicago and Portland, OR to present talks and set up exhibits this year...

Taz says "hi" 2013

Taz says "hi" too!


Loren's foot.

Happy Holidays,

Christmas stocking.

Loren, Doug and Patti

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