Hello from the Mudd Family!  Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah and Happy holidays to everyone - and Happy New Year’s as well!

Loren Transfers to St. John’s College in Santa Fe

Loyola in Maryland was not the best fit college for Loren and after one semester Loren decided to leave and look for a different school. This year she enrolled at St. John’s College in Santa Fe. She is studying the ancient philosophers, ancient Greek, Euclidian math and anatomy. The studious atmosphere and small size of the school suits her and she has made many new friends.

Mudd Family Travels

Patti and Doug joined the extended Costello family in April for a gathering in the Poconos. Everyone had a great time at a classic summer vacation resort that had something for all ages! Doug’s most memorable moment was the win in the paintball showdown for those that stayed a bit later into the afternoon. It was great way to spend time together and Laura did an excellent job organizing the trip. Doug and Patti also enjoyed a weekend in Santa Fe with Loren for the St. John’s Parents weekend. We got to attend some of Loren’s classes to observe her and also visit the unique sites in Santa Fe.

Costello Famiy, 2015

Work for Doug and Patti

The job front for both Doug and Patti are going well. Doug continues to act as both the Director and Curator of the ANA Money Museum and is currently working on an exhibit entitled Olympic Games: Numismatics & History.

For the first part of 2015, Patti was traveling to Los Angeles for work. Currently, Patti is working from home. Patti is leading a team to provide a cloud offering of our software to clients. It is very likely that Patti will find herself working back on the East Coast during 2016.

Patti&Doug plus Taz andSnickers - Xmas 2015

Empty Nesters

With Loren gone, Doug and Patti are now officially “Empty Nesters” and have been rediscovering their love for outdoor activities. This fall they started playing Frisbee Golf. For the first few outings, Patti was able to defeat Doug, despite him being able to outdistance Patti’s throws. However, now that Doug has more control of his throws, he wins every game.

We are also spending more time hiking and discovering many new paths near our home. Patti is running again and has found the perfect 4-mile run from her home. The only problem is the hill at the end - which she is determined to conquer in 2016. Doug continues to paint his figures and participate in war-gaming competitions.

Taz says "hi" 2015

Taz wishes everyone "Happy Holidays" too!

Loren's foot.

Happy Holidays,

Christmas stocking.

Loren, Doug and Patti

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