Hello from the Mudd Family – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s to everyone!

Mudd Family Travels

Doug attended the International Committee of Museums of Numismatics convention held in Milan, Italy. It was a great experience getting to see what is going on in Money Museums worldwide. Patti joined him on vacation – 5 days in Milan for the conference and then 3 days in Venice followed by 2 days in Florence. It was a wonderful trip with excellent food and spectacular sights! We especially enjoyed walking through Florence – a wonderful city with amazing museums.

Doug & PAtti in the Milan Duomo

Loren at St. John’s College in Santa Fe

Loren is halfway through her sophomore year and continues to excel at St. John’s – this year in seminar she is studying the Bible. She is also taking her first semester of music, and continuing her study of ancient Greek. Loren is interested in pursuing Law School or the Peace Corps after St. Johns.

Loren & Patti in Loren's new car

Doug and Patti

Doug and Patti had a busy year at work, with Patti traveling to San Francisco, Orlando, Chicago, Philly, Edmonton (Canada) and a few other cities that we cannot remember now. Edmonton was great in the summer – it never got dark but now – is it cold! Doug and his team completed a new exhibit - The Olympic Games; History & Numismatics. The new exhibit has been a great success. Doug’s travel for work included a trip to Anaheim, Dallas and San Francisco.

Taz & Snickers relaxing

Family Visits

Chris Dumont visited Casa de Mudd with his wife Valerie – we enjoyed taking them to see the sights of Colorado Springs – including Pikes Peak and Seven Falls. Patti, Doug and Rachel visited Portland for JoAnne’s 50th birthday party – a great time in a fun city! We enjoyed getting to spend some time with the kids and JoAnne’s parents.

In Loving Memory

Patti’s father passed away this year.  We miss him and think of him often.  We will remember mostly his generosity, love of family and positive outlook on life.     

We will miss Uncle Walter who also passed this year.  Patti was lucky to have visited him this year and will remember her visit with him and Aunt Dolores with great fondness.

Vincent Costello, 2015


Loren's foot.

Happy Holidays,

Christmas stocking.

Loren, Doug and Patti

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